Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marshalls, I kinda love you..

(Top, $19.99)
Do not go to Marshalls after getting paid.
This way you won't spend your whole paycheck.

Okay in all seriousness.
I was at Marshalls today and could have walked out with the whole store.
I love it there.  I asked if they have an apartment for rent, but they said no.

I picked out about 10 dresses/shirts today.
Thinking I'd just try them on for fun,
 but then two fit so amazing that I couldn't bear putting them back on the shelves.

The last time I hesitated I lost the dress I wanted..
No, no way! NOT this time!
These are mine.. all mine, and I'm so excited!!
Christmas party here I come.

I also bought aprons, cookware, and gifts for the family.. Ah, gotta love one stop shopping!
Marshalls, I kinda love you. :)

(Dress, $24.99)

I know I can always go to Marshalls  and find what I'm looking for.  You may have to search a little bit, but that's the fun part! :)
Here's my dress from a previous shopping trip. ♥

(Dress, $49.99)

As much as I wish this was a sponsored post,  and wish they paid me to shop at Marshalls, I spent my own money, and I did not receive any form of compensation for this post.


Nina Say said...

You look amazing! I wouldn't regret it if I came home with those dresses!

You will look GREAT on Christmas!

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