Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Shopping {Intel Giveaway - Blissfully Domestic}

So I figured I'd do most of my holiday shopping online this year.
I can use coupon codes, free shipping, and even get more of a variety.
Only problem is I don't have a desktop..
It's cool.. I have a laptop :)
I love my laptop, sometimes.

It needs to be plugged in at all times.  If you unplug it, power off!
I have Photo Shop Elements new in the package.. from last Black Friday..
My laptop can't handle the software.. bummer.

Anyway so I was shopping today for my hubby.
All excited, even got myself a few things. {our little secret}
One problem.  For some reason my laptop couldn't handle checking out,
so I had to actually call the company to tell them every item number and all my information.
It took an extra 20 minutes out of my day to do something I thought would be convenient.

So I was more than thrilled to see Blissfully Domestic and Intel
are partnering up to host a giveaway a Holiday Digital Makeover!



I about fell out of my chair looking at the specifics.
Oh man.. I'd finally be able to edit my pictures without worrying if they are too bright or too dark.
It was a nightmare even attempting to make Christmas cards through one of those fancy photo sites.
See my laptop also has a dull backlight. It's more money to fix that then get a new one.
Online shopping would be a breeze!
Oh me, oh my.. I hope I win!! If not I hope one of you do!
Best of luck, and happy holidays! :)



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